A Woman Who Found Her Purpose

Kunya Jones is now an entrepreneur, business management professional, wife, and mother of three. But her story didn’t start out that way. She was once a struggling young mother who overcame layoffs, financial ruin, and divorce. Kunya didn’t let any of life’s obstacles stop her from achieving victory. As a child of entrepreneurial parents who also had careers, she knew what it looked like to work and build a business. In fact, working hard was just a normal part of life for her. She knew there was a purpose in store for her life, so she buckled down, and put in the work to develop the skills she needed to work smarter. Those skills got her through economic downturns and layoffs to where she is today. After winning, failing, learning, and finding success in business, Jones has turned her attention to showing others how to unlock their potential.

The success you build is from the skills you develop. With that, education, and her own life experience in mind, she created The Success Society. The Success Society is a business development program designed out of the desire to help others reclaim control of what matters to them.Through her approach, she coaches other women to leverage attraction marketing to build network marketing businesses, become debt free, and discover their own version of success.

Running a successful business is great, but that alone won’t provide fulfillment. We can help you take shape of every aspect of your life. You can have what you desire, while being balanced. Kunya empowers others to find freedom on their own terms. She believes, "Intentional living will open the doors for success to reside."